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POINTSIN is a civil engineering and survey tool that reads point data (ID, North, East, Elevation, Description) from a file and inserts an attributed Land Desktop(Softdesk/DCA)-style POINT block and a 3d point in AutoCAD for every point in the file. It also has a command to create a single point.

You can change the POINT block if you prefer. The order and graphical arrangement of the attributes doesn't matter. The default POINT block attributes are one unit high. POINTSIN scales the POINT block to the dimension text height (dimscale * dimtxt), so the default POINT block will look as big as the current dimension text height.

You can delete or comment out the lines that insert a 3d point or the POINT block. You can also comment out the lines that create and set layers.


Download POINTSIN.LSP (save it to your computer) by following the link on this page. Also download POINT.DWG (save it to your computer) by following the link on this page or make your own POINT block. If you don't have a points data file to import, you may also want to download the sample POINTS.TXT file.

At minimum, all POINTSIN.LSP needs to work is the POINT block and points data file. Simply drag POINT.DWG from Windows Explorer into your drawing, then load and run POINTSIN.LSP by dragging it into your drawing, typing POINTSIN, and following the prompts to select the data file. That's all there is to it.



It is a very simple matter to change layer behavior. Please open POINTSIN.LSP in NOTEPAD.EXE for guidance.


It is a very simple matter to change whether POINTSIN.LSP inserts 3dpoints, point blocks, or both. Please open POINTSIN.LSP in NOTEPAD.EXE for guidance.


It is a very simple matter to add more file formats. If you need an unsupported file format and you aren't comfortable adding it yourself after reviewing the source code, please contact me.


POINTSIN.LSP neither creates additional files nor writes to the Windows registry.



Date Programmer Revision
20150629TGH1.0.13 Fixed bug that obeys running osnaps.
20150415TGH1.0.12 Fixed bug to allow block attributes that aren't in file. Added commented out rounding of elevation attribute per drawing LUPREC.
20140920TGH1.0.11 Implemented NCS layer names in source code and dwg.
20131010TGH1.0.10 Deactivated description layers and added alerts about options for vanilla simplicity.
20121024TGH1.0.9 Added in-code option to put blocks at 3D location.
20120912TGH1.0.8 Added user point insertion function.
20120507TGH1.0.7 Added white-space delimited formats to list. Changed scale of point.dwg. Added more sample files.
20120322TGH1.0.6 Revised logic of layer name building to work with v1.0.4 format list.
20120211TGH1.0.5 Added comments to clarify how to put blocks at their correct elevation and include NORTH and EAST in atributes. Added a block with NORTH and EAST attributes by Chris Bell.
20120122TGH1.0.4 Modified some code to improve maintainability and customizability. No functional change.
20100305TGH1.0.2 Added ability to put points on layers by description.
20061017TGH1.0 Removed reference to HAWS-ENDSTR function.

To submit revisions, send an email with your revised code.


This program is free software under the terms of the GNU (GNU--acronym for Gnu's Not Unix--sounds like canoe) General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, version 2 of the License.

You can redistribute this software for any fee or no fee and/or modify it in any way, but it and ANY MODIFICATIONS OR DERIVATIONS continue to be governed by the license, which protects the perpetual availability of the software for free distribution and modification.

You CAN'T put this code into any proprietary package. Read the license.

If you improve this software, please make a revision submittal to the copyright owner at

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License on the World Wide Web for more details.

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